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Tower Labs offers the following services and products to support market transformation and accelerate adoption of sustainable real estate development

Our primary focus is on the demonstration and deployment of green building approaches that lack the track record necessary to gain traction in the market. We engage a real estate partner to provide access to their building(s) so that we can install, monitor, analyze and assess the pros and cons of any number of criteria that we believe will accelerate procurement and gain customers for our technology partners – subject to successful outcomes of our measurement and verification activities. The scope, duration and costs of individual projects will depend on the product(s) being tested. And we are open to examining brand new technologies, as well as modified, adapted or imported approaches that need to be proven under local market and climatic conditions. Learn more about past and current projects (link to Projects).

For our real estate collaborators, we take every measure possible to mitigate cost, complexity, risk, and scheduling inconvenience. Successful product demonstrations should result in immediate value added installations for a building owner; but if not, we take measures to return a property to pre-testing conditions as agreed to prior to starting a project.

Tower Labs will conduct building studies for the purposes of innovation needs assessment or gap analysis. In some cases, we focus on a particular issue, like stack effect in tall buildings, or the impact of energy recovery technology on relative humidity levels – in order to optimize design. In other cases, we examine overall building performance, such as comparing building energy use, in order to validate savings from a range of treatments. We also review and validate building applications and performance on behalf of third party green building performance programs.

Learn more about past and current Building Studies (Link to Projects), or affiliated green building performance programs (Link to Enerquality).

At Tower Labs, we love what we do. But it can be expensive – and we need to get paid as well. We always endeavor to leverage contributions to provide the biggest impact. For the most part, a real estate partner contributes base costs, and the demonstration project covers the incremental costs of product development and installation, monitoring and verification, project management fees, and reporting.

Here are a couple of ways to engage us in supporting your green building product demonstration projects.

Government Funding
Tower Labs is happy to collaborate as a consortium member on government-funded research and development or product commercialization projects. We have successfully joined collaborations on projects funded by NRCan, SDTC, and TAF.

Private Funding
In some cases a construction company or real estate partner wishes to adopt a new approach and is willing to pay for the demonstration project.

Project Management Fees
Tower Labs is pleased to work as a contractor on behalf of a manufacturer, product supplier, or start-up company to manage demonstration projects from start to finish. Our rates are competitive with small engineering firms.

Membership Fees
Under development

In 2013, Tower Labs launched a pilot financing program with the support of TAF. Suppliers wishing to demonstrate their product’s performance in the market apply for funding through the Green Building Technology Demonstration Project Credit Facility. The unsecured loan may cover the necessary incremental costs of installation, measurement & verification, reporting and promotion. Funds are paid back, beginning in the 13th month, as a percentage of the company’s revenues. In addition, a small, dilutive warrant is issued to the lender by the company. To learn more, contact: Jamie James.

Working closely with suppliers, designers, construction trades and real estate companies provides us with a unique perspective on collaborative innovation. As a result, we’ve been able to engage with collaborators on the development of next generation approaches that would not have happened without prior Tower Labs initiatives. For example, we are currently working on a new in-suite ventilation system that could further reduce energy use and improve occupant comfort. We are also working on upgrading smart thermostats and energy meter data.

Working closely with suppliers, designers, construction trades and real estate companies provides us with a unique perspective on collaborative innovation. As a result, we’ve been able to develop some of our own branded products, which we can verify and promote as part of the green building programs of our real estate partners.

NetZED (tm pending):
The Net Zero Energy Dwelling is one of the first ever highrise residential net zero homes. The concept works the same as a net zero single family home, with the exception that instead of using the grid to store the renewable energy, NetZED feeds the building’s base load, and “trades” energy back-and-forth on a daily basis with the help of an energy management company and a bi- directional meter. Learn more.

The Tower Labs Report (subscribers only)
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bittWatt (tm Pending)– Sponsored rewards for energy conservation
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